Planning & Evaluation Cell
A Programme and Policy Framing Cell was established as a component of first On Farm Water Management Project during 1976-77.
Evaluation of Fruit & Vegetable Development Project (Phase II)
Ongoing Projects
The scheme was initiated after approval from the Chief Minister Punjab and approved by PDWP on 06-01-2010 for a period of three years (2010-11 to 2012-13).
Projects being Coordinated
The strengths of the province in horticultural and livestock sector, the project has been designed to cater and address the issue of the supply chain of the potential horticulture and livestock projects.
Completed Projects
Community Development Project for Rehabilitation of Salt Affected and Water Logged Lands (Biosaline-II) UNDP assistance.


  • Impact Evaluation of Up Scaling of Kitchen Gardening in Urban Areas of Punjab
  • Report on Cotton Ginning Issues
  • Evaluation of Adaptation of Biogas Technology to mitigate energy crises
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the key function of Planning & Evaluation Cell?
  • What are the crops being dealt at provincial level by P&E Cell?
  • What is Project Management Cycle?
  • Conducted 98 Monitoring & Evaluation studies and day to day monitoring of foreign aided projects such as World Bank, ADB, JBIC and others.
  • Completed 59 Economic Studies.
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